“Patricia's instinctive understanding of character and versatile voice make her an author's dream. Her narration is beautifully clear, and she moves effortlessly through characters of different genders, ages, backgrounds, and dialects. She narrates my characters exactly the way I imagined them! Patricia offers high-quality audio with a quick turnaround: she gets it right the first-time.”
~Marta Acosta
Award-Winning Author of the CASA DRACULA series and NANCY’S THEORY OF STYLE (writing as Grace Coopersmith)

“I have seen what a versatile talent Patricia is, having worked with her on numerous occasions. But as talented as she is, I am even more impressed with her ability to communicate with clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want. It is a rare talent that has both of these qualities!”
~Nick Omana
N.O.V.A. Productions

“Patricia Fructuoso is a solid, professional voice actor. Versatile, funny and a quick study, her delivery and choices are concise and real. She has a great personality and is a joy to be around, as well.”
~Twyla Littleton

“Patricia comes to my workshops ready and willing to learn. She does just that. She gets in the booth prepared and with strong choices. Patricia takes direction very well. I would recommend that you have her in for a listen on whatever project she may fit into. I really enjoy working with her.”
~Bill Holmes
The Voiceover Doctor

  • Animation, Commercial, and Promo: Bob Bergen, Bill Holmes, Terry Berland, Nick Omana, Allen Lulu, Josh Dougherty

    Improv: Upright Citizens Brigade, Cynthia Szigeti & Patrick Bristow (The Groundlings), Christina Gonzalez (Improv Olympic), Allen Lulu

    Los Angeles, CA with professional home studio


  • Great comedic timing. Vast vocabulary. Perky & bubbly. "In their own universe." The socialite. The neurotic.

    Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino)

    English, British, American Southern, Midwestern, Brooklyn, Australian, French, Tagalog

  • Happy Hour at Casa Dracular Midnight Brunch The Bride of Casa Dracula Haunted Honeymoon
  • Marta Nancy's Theory Audiobook