The Time Has Come…To Be a Badass

Last weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of working with a stunt double for the first time. His name is Flavio Gullo, and he’s Italian as Italian gets. Need I say more?

2013-09-01 07.35.32-1

He played my biker stunt double and could not have been more of a gentle soul. Can you imagine me on that monster of a beautiful bike?

2013-09-01 07.40.40

Ok, yes. But can you imagine me actually riding that sleek hunk of metal?

…No pic there. Maybe someday! What is for sure is that I’ll be back on set this weekend to do my big scene and wrap up the entire project. Half the cast is from Ivan Chubbuck Studio–at the top of my To Go To List–no pressure. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already, you gotta check out Towne Street Theatre’s comedy, Jackleg, for which I serve as Assistant Director and Producer.

2013-08-18 10.31.05

Beyond Therapy, another comedy I produced this summer closed last night, and I could not be more proud. We had a well respected agent in the house last night, as well as several members from the NAACP. Seats are quickly filling up for the closing of Jackleg this weekend!

Ciao Ciao,


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