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Please Vote!

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It has been nearly 1 year and 6 months since I was cast as Zyra, the lead villain, in the sci-fi dramedy web series, GUIDES. I am so fortunate to be a part of the same project for this long and to be working alongside a female-dominated team of motivated, relentless promoters–exploring all outlets to expose the potential of this unique project.

For the next 42 days, you have the opportunity to help us get screened at the Montreux Comedy Festival. (<<Click here.) Are we the funniest web series among the lot? No. Are we the most intelligent? Maybe so. Are we undeniably unlike any sci-fi dramedy web series you’ve seen since the explosion of web series? Pretty damn sure. Do we deserve a chance to gain more followers and “make it” to the next level? You can bet on your spot in the long line of your local Apple store on September 19th for the September 20th release of the gold iPhone 5S that YES…we DO. (<<Or here.)

So, be a pal, a nerd, a good samarit–whatever–and watch, vote, share. Then, share some more. The success of this sleeper sci-fi dramedy web series hit depends on it. (<<This is literally it.)

In Solidarity,


My Episode is Live!

Looky Here!

Episode 2 of GUIDES–where I make my bitchy debut as ZYRA–is finally available to watch on the series’ official website: www.guideswebseries.com! Please don’t forget to “Like,” “Follow,” and all that jazz. We’ve already reached over 700 Twitter followers!

Break Legs!


Riding the Post-Summer Waves!

Howdy, Folks,

Summer is officially over, and Summer 2012 was officially my best. Summer. EVER.

My intro to the world of voice over–audiobooks–put me on Audible.com, Amazon, and iTunes. I’m on iTunes!? I still can’t believe it, and it’s all thanks to ACX.com and award-winning author, Marta Acosta.

I co-starred as the lead antagonist, aka lead bitch, in Season 1 of my first complete web series, GUIDES. It’s a comedy, it’s sci-fi, it already has 700 follower on Twitter! I had an absolute blast playing evil, and it’s all thanks to my co-star Alvin Lam, who referred me to the creator after we did a play nearly 3 years ago! Please help keep the fun going: http://www.indiegogo.com/Guides-Season1. Premieres next month!

I visited the Big Apple for the first time and loved every single bit of it–minus the unavoidable aroma of bodily fluids, of course. On that note, I watched Avenue Q and nearly tinkled in my chones. Thank you to my awesome parents for making it a family vacay filled w/ memorable fun, good eats, and tighter calves! I vow to go back, but next time, it’ll be to sign a contract. Ya dig?

My personal trainer of a year-and-a-half, Brandon Hartwell, made me the official brand model and rep of his company, Grind Heavy Academy. I’ve never worked out so hard in my life but have never felt better, either. Boxing, kickboxing, self-defense, TRX, Heaven Six, dead lifts–I love it all! Look out for the launch of his official website next month.

Relying alone on my training and business sense, I was able to audition and book projects on my own, but I was ecstatic to sign w/ my new mangers at Stein Entertainment Group after 6 months of searching for new representation.  It all started when I met one of their associates in an elevator, on the way to my first video game audition. An elevator!? Brush up on your people skills, y’all!

Last but not at all the least, I have 3 commercials on tap–2 nationals and 1 regional. 3?! One is a re-use (regional), and 2 were booked w/in a month-and-a-half from each other. I’m still in shock, and I have my sweet-as-can-be commercial agents at O’Neill Talent Group to thank, as well as Danielle Eskinazi Casting, DB Casting, and Jane Doe Casting!





Unfortunately, I purposefully have to leave out the client info in my commercial updates because it can keep me from booking w/ competing clients! So, you’ll just have to look out for me.

Or ask me personally 😉


Well, that’s a wrap! Remember to tip your waitress, and don’t forget your to-go containers. I always do that. Thank you to my constant supporters! You all give me reasons to keep dreaming–day and night.

Break Legs!


Dollar for my Dreams, Please!



I’m finally playing the deliciously evil lead antagonist but need some help in the home stretch! I didn’t beg anyone to buy my audiobooks (The CASA DRACULA Series — now on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes), but I will beg for a dollar if it goes to this worthwhile project! The producers have already started talking about Season 2, so you know it’ll be worthwhile!! Every penny counts my friends. Let me know if you donate, so I can give you a personal shout out! Thank you for your support!

…You like how I snuck in that shameless plug? 😉


In other news: I just received an offer for representation from a top notch management company!

Break Legs!

Patricia aka Zyra