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Oh So Thankful

These past couple of months alone have given me so much to be thankful for:

  • GUIDES WebSeries made it to Roku via GoIndieTV

2013-11-27 13.53.57

  • GUIDES has been selected as a quarter-finalist for NexTV Entertainment’s 2013 Web Series & Indie Film Competition
  • My first holiday-themed project–EVER–is in audiobook form and is now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes
  • Towne Street Theatre has asked the cast of #FAIL to reprise our hilarious performance from this summer’s Sketch Comedy Showcase in next February’s 10-Min. Play Fest
  • Wrapped the suspenseful film, Land of Smiles, which focuses on the sex trade in Thailand
  • Wrapped post on the romantic comedy, 21st Century Romance, which screens next month
  • In post for the action-packed spy thriller, U.N.I.F.A., which screens in March
  • I’ve started a little baking business and am overwhelmed w/ the great reviews
  • I am alive and healthy!

Happy Holidays!


Done With Season One!

I can’t believe it. Season One of my web series, GUIDES, is 100% finito. Now, all 10 episodes can be viewed in one sci-fi-filled sitting on our website. Please Like and Follow and give a thumbs up!

guides wrap

My reading of Crawdaddy by Barbara White Morgan at The Attic Theatre went swimmingly and was followed by a healthy discussion on racism in America today.


USA Today Bestselling Author, Barbara Bretton, has asked me to record another audiobook for her through ACX/Audible! It’s a holiday-themed novella, so it should be out by Halloween. Our last project, Charmed: A Sugar Maple Short Story, can now be found on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

charmed cover

Please support my theatre company, Towne Street Theatre, in raising funds for our upcoming season w/ a 5K Walk this Sat., June 29th at Kenneth Hahn Park. There will be prizes, food, entertainment, and great networking!



Busy Busy Bee

Greetings & Salutations,

I have had a busy week–but the good kind of busy!

On Monday, I had my weekly Skype session w/ a fellow V.O. for Voice Registry’s Weekend Workout, followed by my first sketch comedy class. After 10 weeks of sketch w/ Ken Cosby, Towne Street Theatre–of which I am a company member–will produce a showcase, and all are welcome!


On Tuesday, I had my second week of commercial class w/ Coach Mike!’s Hey, I Saw Your Commercial! After already having had studied commercials and booking a few nationals, there’s nothing better than a refresher course to keep things…fresh!


On Wednesday, I had my weekly BookPALS reading for 2 1st grade classes, and boy, do they get rowdier as summer vacay approaches. As an aspiring animation V.O., there’s no better vocal playground than a class of honest, impatient, booger-picking tykes! I also hosted a production meeting for my web series, GUIDES, during which we confirmed my credit as a Producer for Season 2!


Thursday was the best by far. I had a “straight to callback” for a wonderful CD and ad agency whom I’ve had the pleasure of working w/ before. Fingers crossed! I then had my first rehearsal and run-through for “Magic Mirror,” an interactive improv show for kids–also produced by Towne Street. We go up for Glen Feliz Elementary next week! I ended the night by working the box office for TST’s fundraiser, Students Without Boundaries, at Stella Adler Theatre.


On Friday, I found new titles to audition for on and then cleared my mind w/a hike and first-time visit to Griffith Park. Way less crowded than Runyon!

On Saturday, I attended my fourth Alumni Day at UCLA, which showcased the newly beautified Pauley Pavillion. I can’t wait to get season tickets!


Today was my first shoot for a new comedic short film, 21st Century Romance, by published playwright, Ralph Tropf. This is my second time working w/ Ralph, and he’s guaranteed that it won’t be the last! I can’t think of a better finish to a crazy busy week than dinner w/ GUIDES web series creator, Jenn Wilson. We’ve just come back from hiatus, but we’re already talking about Season 2!


Break Legs,


My Latest Audiobook is Now On Sale!

NancysTheoryofStyle - final

You can now listen to my most recent audiobook, Nancy’s Theory of Style, by Grace Coopersmith (aka Marta Acosta) on Audible, Amazon, or iTunes! It’s a witty, sexy, silly rom-com filled w/ fashion tips and faux pas, unexpected love, and parties gone awry–a perfect listen to get the edge off while sitting in traffic :)

And don’t forget to check out my 4-part Casa Dracula Series, also on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. For adult ears only!

Casa Dracula cover art

Break Legs,


Any Writers in the House??

Hi, Writers,

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that anything and everything is forcing its way on to the interwebs somehow. One of the huge pluses is that a (somewhat more) level playing field has been made available to artists who want nothing more than to make a decent living off of their wonderful creations. Take note from author Marta Acosta, whom I have had the privilege of working with since April of this year–voicing her CASA DRACULA audiobook series.



How to Land a Book Deal by Writing Online!


Writers seeking an audience no longer have to wait on publishers to get their books out. Millions are flocking to social reading and writing sites like Wattpad and Scribd, which allow users to upload their writing and read and comment on each other’s work. Some writers have leveraged their online audience to get big advances from publishing houses.

[image]‘The Midcareer Author’
The Midcareer Author

Marta Acosta had already published two novels with Simon & Schuster when she had an idea for a supernatural homage to Charlotte Brontë’s “Jane Eyre.” Her literary agent tried and failed to sell it, saying the vampire trend was over. Eight publishers turned it down.

Ms. Acosta decided that if she couldn’t sell the novel, she would give it away. So she tried Scribd, a social reading and document sharing site with more than 100 million users. In 2010, she posted the entire 368-page novel, which tells the story of Jane Williams, a teenager who was orphaned as a child and gets a scholarship to an exclusive boarding school.

The novel was read 24,000 times, and became the top young adult novel on the site. A few months later, Ms. Acosta sold the book to the young adult imprint Tor Teen, which released hardcover and digital editions of “Dark Companion” this past summer.

[image]‘The Oxford Student’
The Oxford Student

Like millions of other teenage girls, Abbie Gibbs fell in love with Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series. In 2009, when she was 15 years old, Ms. Gibbs started writing her own vampire novels, set in her native England, and posting chapters on Wattpad. She wrote about a teenage girl who goes out drinking in London and witnesses a mass murder committed by vampires.

Three years later, the book has been read 17 million times by other Wattpad users. Ms. Gibbs, now 18, scored a six-figure, two-book deal with HarperCollins this summer. The 560-page book, titled “The Dark Heroine: Dinner With a Vampire,” came out in print and digitally this fall in the U.K. An e-book is available in the U.S., and an American print edition is due in March. Ms. Gibbs says reader feedback helped her craft a better book. “Instead of pandering to their needs, I teased them a little bit,” says Ms. Gibbs, now in her first year as an English major at Oxford.

[image]‘Publish the Cheerleader’
Publish the Cheerleader

After collecting rejections from publishers for nearly a decade, Brittany Geragotelis, an editor at American Cheerleader magazine, was about to give up on writing.

Then in the fall of 2010 she went on Wattpad and studied the most popular stories. Most were paranormal romances aimed at young adults. She came up with a novel that reimagined the Salem witch trials, setting it in a contemporary high school, and began uploading a chapter a week in January 2011. Readers flocked to it and began suggesting plotlines and possible romantic pairings.

By the time she finished posting the book, “Life’s a Witch,” it had been read six million times.

Publishers took notice, and Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers gave Ms. Geragotelis a six-figure, three-book deal. To promote the first book, “What the Spell?” in January, Simon & Schuster posted the first two chapters free on Wattpad.

Write to Alexandra Alter at

A version of this article appeared November 23, 2012, on page D5 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: How to Land A Book Deal By Writing Online!

Break Legs!


Riding the Post-Summer Waves!

Howdy, Folks,

Summer is officially over, and Summer 2012 was officially my best. Summer. EVER.

My intro to the world of voice over–audiobooks–put me on, Amazon, and iTunes. I’m on iTunes!? I still can’t believe it, and it’s all thanks to and award-winning author, Marta Acosta.

I co-starred as the lead antagonist, aka lead bitch, in Season 1 of my first complete web series, GUIDES. It’s a comedy, it’s sci-fi, it already has 700 follower on Twitter! I had an absolute blast playing evil, and it’s all thanks to my co-star Alvin Lam, who referred me to the creator after we did a play nearly 3 years ago! Please help keep the fun going: Premieres next month!

I visited the Big Apple for the first time and loved every single bit of it–minus the unavoidable aroma of bodily fluids, of course. On that note, I watched Avenue Q and nearly tinkled in my chones. Thank you to my awesome parents for making it a family vacay filled w/ memorable fun, good eats, and tighter calves! I vow to go back, but next time, it’ll be to sign a contract. Ya dig?

My personal trainer of a year-and-a-half, Brandon Hartwell, made me the official brand model and rep of his company, Grind Heavy Academy. I’ve never worked out so hard in my life but have never felt better, either. Boxing, kickboxing, self-defense, TRX, Heaven Six, dead lifts–I love it all! Look out for the launch of his official website next month.

Relying alone on my training and business sense, I was able to audition and book projects on my own, but I was ecstatic to sign w/ my new mangers at Stein Entertainment Group after 6 months of searching for new representation.  It all started when I met one of their associates in an elevator, on the way to my first video game audition. An elevator!? Brush up on your people skills, y’all!

Last but not at all the least, I have 3 commercials on tap–2 nationals and 1 regional. 3?! One is a re-use (regional), and 2 were booked w/in a month-and-a-half from each other. I’m still in shock, and I have my sweet-as-can-be commercial agents at O’Neill Talent Group to thank, as well as Danielle Eskinazi Casting, DB Casting, and Jane Doe Casting!





Unfortunately, I purposefully have to leave out the client info in my commercial updates because it can keep me from booking w/ competing clients! So, you’ll just have to look out for me.

Or ask me personally 😉


Well, that’s a wrap! Remember to tip your waitress, and don’t forget your to-go containers. I always do that. Thank you to my constant supporters! You all give me reasons to keep dreaming–day and night.

Break Legs!


Gohr-jus! Positively Gohr-jus!

I’m Baaaaack!

Hello, Friends,

Let me bring you up to speed:

  • 3 audiobooks on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes w/ 2 on the way. Hooray!
  • Shot a national commercial that should be airing sometime in September. Will you remember?
  • Went w/ my fam on my first ever trip the Big Apple and LOVED it. Yes, it was stinky but the humidity was good to me. Hehe.
  • Will be shooting the last two episodes of my web series, GUIDES. Hiya-five!
  • Celebrated my b-day last Sunday. Hay, girl, haaaaay.
  • 2-day photo and video shoot this weekend for Grind Heavy Academy and new clothing line. Lookin’ foine!
  • Launched my official acting website. Please visit!!

And, there ya have it. The reasons why I’m all over the place, and yet, you haven’t seen me. Crazy, no? Stay tuned for more :)

Break Legs!



“You’re doing it, Peter! You’re doing it!”

Gasp! My CASA DRACULA audiobook series has just surpassed 100+ in total sales. The reviews are coming in w/ an average 4 out of 5 stars rating on“Cute and funny!”                                                                                                                                       “I took a chance on the book and found it entertaining. It was funny, light, and kept my attention […] Can’t wait to see if the next two books are as good as the first.”

I am currently working on the 4th and final book in the series, Haunted Honeymoon, and expect it to be released by mid-late August. My income for this entire project is based on how audiobooks are sold, so please spread the word to your vampire-loving friends and fam :)

Break Legs!


My First Book Trailer!

Hi, Friends,

As if Marta Acosta hasn’t given me enough credits already, she asked me to narrate and edit the book trailer (yes, those are a thing now) for her well lauded new novel, Dark Companion.

Hope it strikes you as intriguing :) Also, the first 3 audiobooks in The Casa Dracula Series are now available on Amazon and iTunes, as well as!

Break Legs!